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Everything else is just a hot tub.

Jacuzzi® is not a product, it’s a brand name. The whole world knows the Jacuzzi® name because it is the best you can buy. The heritage and reputation of the brand are of unquestionable quality. The Jacuzzi family have been making hot tubs since the 1960s – in fact they designed and launched the first one. Since then, technicians at Jacuzzi Inc. have designed and patented hundreds of new ideas and technologies, culminating in the outstanding models you see today.

Jacuzzi® Power Pro® jets come in 12 varieties; from pulsating PX jets for smaller muscles groups such as the wrists and hands, to FX large jets providing a spiral action massage for the lower back. Each variety of jet is specially designed to perform a specific function and perfectly positioned for maximum effect.

The Clear Ray® Water Purification System, standard on all Jacuzzi® hot tubs is the latest evolution in water treatment, using UV light to sanitise the water and provide crystal clear water, instantly.

The Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Superstore by Freedom Leisure is the largest in the UK, with over 20 models on display. To learn more about Jacuzzi® hot tubs, or to try one for yourself (by appointment only), why not visit us in the showroom, located less than 10 minutes from the M25 Junction 29.